Welcome to your professional forum. PL connects leaders in the experience to leaders with the experience, and enables future platoon leaders to prepare to lead more effectively. By joining PL, you are choosing to participate in a voluntary community of professionals who love leading Soldiers and who are committed to building and leading combat-effective platoons!

Our Values

Professionalism is our watchword. We speak candidly, but always with respect for each other and our commission. We tackle our leadership challenges with a positive voice, focused solely on building and leading combat-ready teams. We welcome multiple, diverse perspectives on how we can achieve this common purpose. We seek to bring to bear the knowledge, experiences, and character of each experienced platoon leader to serve all current and future generations of platoon leaders.

Why Join the PlatoonLeader Forum?

The documents and conversations in this space are almost entirely by and for us–past, present, and future platoon leaders. The PL Forum ┬áis more than just a resource for platoon leaders; its value comes from platoon leaders connecting with each other and sharing our experiences and hard-earned knowledge. We invite each of you to participate as your time and experiences allow.

What does the PlatoonLeader Forum have to offer me?

There are many Topics (areas of discussion) within PL. Each of them is focused on a specific area.

Below is a list of the topics within PL. This is not a complete listing but should give you a good idea of what is contained with the PL Forum.

  • Additional Duties
  • Branch-Specific Content
  • Career Progression
  • Fitness
  • Hall of Honor
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Self Development
  • Supply
  • Training
  • XO’s Desk

Who’s behind the curtain?

The Platoon Leader Forum is an official Army site, operated on Army servers by Army officers. To contact us, email PL.Team@usma.edu.

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